car transport quotes and how to save money when Moving A Car

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Many individuals and families have to relocate to another city or town in Australia for professional reasons like a new job, transfer or personal reasons. Usually the person relocating has a car which he is using daily for commuting to the workplace. While the car owner may be tempted to drive his car to the new location to save money, there are multiple reasons why this not recommended, especially if the new location is a long distance away. Some of the disadvantages of driving the car to a new city are discussed below, along with the advantages of using the cheapest interstate car transport for moving the car to the new place. This is why we always check out options on car transport quotes Via Moving Cars


One of the main advantages of using budget car transport for moving the car from one location to another is that the effort required is greatly reduced. The transport company will pickup the car from the car owner and deliver it to the specified address usually on the date specified. Driving a car over long distances is very physically and mentally strenuous, since the car owner has to remain has to remain seated for long hours, and avoid other drivers. Hence the driver will often feel exhausted and will not be able to work for a few days. The driver often makes mistakes since he is new to the area, increasing the time spent for completing the trip.


Though it may not be immediately obvious, cost of transporting the car using interstate car transport is far less than the cost of driving the car over a long distance of more than 700 km. While using the transport service, the car owner only has to pay a fixed fee, while for driving the car, the car owner will have to pay the fuel expenses for the car. Additionally the car owner will also have to halt at a hotel overnight for sleeping to take rest and stop at restaurants for having meals. If the driver is involved in any accident, because he was not alert or other reasons the cost of the trip will increase. In contrast the transport company has experienced professional drivers who are able to transport the car over long distances without any mishap.

Car damage

Another factor which car owners planning to drive their car do not consider is the damage to the car when it is driven over long distances. The car transport company is using a truck and is transporting multiple cars at a time, so there is no damage to the car, especially if a closed truck is used. In contrast, the tyres of the car will get worn out, if they are driven over long distances. Other components like the brake pads, linings will also be affected, reducing their life. The mileage of a car is one of the factors which determines the resale value of the car, and if the car is driven over several thousands of kilometers, the mileage will increase and car value will decrease. So for individuals who have an expensive car which they plan to sell, it is cheaper to transport the car.